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Dog Portraits

All drawings are a typical 8x10 inch head and neck portrait on a plain white background, and can be done with or without the collar.  They arrive on your doorstep matted in black, and ready to be placed in an 11x14 inch frame.

The dogs are drawn on heavy weight, acid free paper using Faber Castell polychromos and Caran D'ache  luminance colored pencils. Both are very high quality and lightfast products that produce beautiful results.

Price: The price for a typical dog portrait is $125 (plus tax and shipping) If you have more than one dog that you want to include, just send me an email and we can discuss the size and price. If there are any other additions or elements that may change the price, I will always discuss them with you ahead of time. There are no hidden costs.

How do I order a dog portrait?

Step 1 is to send me an email to with the photo that you have in mind. The quality of the photo is key. I need to be able to see the details of the dog's face in order to create a good drawing. (See below for photo tips.) 

That being said, unfortunately there are times where we have no other option than to to work with what you have. I will look at the photo and we can discuss. I will always be honest on whether or not I think I can do the dog justice in a drawing.

Step 2 Once a photo has been decided upon, I will send you a link for payment.

All portraits are done on a first come, first serve basis. Once I recieve payment, I will book the next available time slot for your dog. I reserve 14 days for a typical portrait. Some flow freely, some take more time. There is no way for me to predict exactly how long it will take, and I would never want to feel rushed when it comes to your pet. Please be patient. I take pride in my work and am only human. If I need the full 14 days to give your pet the attention he/she deserves, that is what I will do. ​If I happen to finish a portrait earlier than 14 days, then I simply start the next dog ahead of schedule.

Step 3 That's it! As I draw the portrait I will send you progress pictures so you can watch your portrait come to life. When the drawing is complete, I will send you a final proof to look at before shipping.


The key to a good portrait is a good photo. Photos that are clear, well lit, and detailed will yield the best results. You can get some really good pictures with a cell phone if you follow these tips.

1.) Get down to the dogs level. A photo of the dogs face while you are on the dogs level is best. Photos that are taken while you are aiming down at the dog can give the appearance of a longer nose, etc, and the angle may not be an accurate representation of your pet.

2.) Get close. If I have to zoom way in on the dog in order to see's too far away. Zooming will distort the picture and I will lose the important detail.

3.) Get outside. Natural lighting is best. If it happens to be an overcast day, that is best lighting you can get. Use your judgement. Is your dog squinting because it's too bright? Are the shadows in the shade hiding the eyes? Does their fur look bleached out? These are small but important things to think about.

4.) Eyes...eyes...eyes.. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. This especially true in a drawing. In order for me to bring the portrait to life, I need to be able to see the eyes clearly. The eyes and the lighting are the two most important things to think about while taking your photo.

The following photo is a great example of what to look for

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