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Dog portraits


I am a self taught artist who specializes dog portraits drawn with colored pencil. I love taking a photograph and turning it into a special piece of art. Luke and I spend a lot of time drawing together and I am truly thankful to share a common interest that allows me to spend such quality time with him. While his style is quick and free flowing, I am slow and deliberate. We are two peas is a pod, yet exact opposites. I admire his creativity and freedom, and I learn something new from him every single day.

I am a 200 hr registered yoga teacher and received my certification with Erica Nunnally of the Bija Institute in Cumberland, RI. I hold additional certifications in two levels of Reiki, yoga for children ages 3 through teen,  Prenatal, Yin, and yoga for children with autism and special needs. I am also the owner of which creates mala beads and meditation accessories.


Knowing that Luke and I both benefit from a regular yoga practice, I hope to combine my love of art with my love for yoga. I dedicate proceeds from both my portraits and sale of my malas to the growth, development, and support of bringing yoga classes and workshops to children with autism, and their caretakers......coming soon!

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