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L11 Robot plays the cello
8x10 Giclee print, matted in black, signed, and ready to be placed in an 11x14 inch frame. 
The drawing is professionally printed on 280g textured watercolor fine art paper, made from poly cotton fiber. It is acid and lignin free. 

The texture and thickness of this particular paper was the perfect choice for Luke's art. The prints look so close to the original drawing, that I found myself running my finger across the color in disbelief. I'm extremely happy with the result. 
That being said, my goal was to create prints that accurately represent Luke's drawings as they are. I chose not to retouch them. When Luke draws, he holds a fistful of crayons in his left hand and draws very quickly with his right. It's a hurricane of crayons going back and forth between hands. When you look at the pictures, please take note that every smudge of a finger, and every mark from crayons gone rogue are there. Its part of what makes Luke's art his.
If you have any questions, just ask! :)

L11 Robot plays the cello

  • All proceeds from the sale of Luke's drawings goes into a savings fund for Luke

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